VRT Officer

After a period as a CI, instead of opting to become an NCO, you may instead apply to be appointed as a commissioned officer. This is subject to strict selection criteria but you are rewarded with a commission into the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training branch). This potentially offers the opportunity to command your own air cadet squadron or get involved with management and strategy at a Wing or Regional level.


Non-Commissioned Officer

After a period as a CI, you may choose to become an adult NCO in the ATC. This may give you more responsibility over aspects of squadron life such as drill, uniform and discipline. Most adult NCOs are appointed as Sergeants and there are opportunities for promotion beyond this rank.


Civilian Instructor

Although not part of the hierarchy of the squadron or the Air Training Corps, Civilian Instructors are part of every aspect of cadet training. Despite the name, you do not necessarily have to teach cadets formally in order to be a CI; you may get involved in sports, adventurous training or any other part of the cadet training programme.

7 Feb 2014

Committee Member

The welfare of cadets is looked after by a committee of civilians drawn from the local community. The committee manages the non-public finances of the squadron and is therefore responsible for funding the majority of cadets' non-core training, including sports and external visits.

7 Feb 2014